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7 Best WordPress Templates for Writers and Editors

Although many authors and writers use social networks such as Twitter or Instagram for advertising their work, they still maintain a personal website. In addition, the temporary nature of publications on these platforms means that many continue to publish their blogs, as it is still the best format for writing and being read, regardless of when a text was written.

Having our website means that we own the content we create, and there is no company telling us what we can or cannot publish. In addition, we can add external tools to sell our work, either in physical format or through ebooks, without depending on third parties.

But what does a template specially created for writers and book publishers need to have? Let’s take a look at some of the requirements you should ask for a WordPress theme according to your needs.

    Readable fonts and colour palette: It’s no use adding text or excerpts from your works if they are difficult for your visitors to read. The type of font you use and the colour contrast between the text and the background are important.

    Responsive design: This is something you should ask of any template, as the percentage of people coming from mobile devices with different screen sizes is increasing every day. And you don’t want to lose readers because your website doesn’t display correctly on smartphones or tablets.

    Ability to add an online shop: If you want to self-publish, your template must be prepared to host an eCommerce plugin, such as WooCommerce. Whether you’re selling in physical format, digital format, or both.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the templates we have compiled with these and other issues in mind. We hope you find them useful as you start creating your website.


Auteur goes for ochre and pastel tones that will give a very friendly look to your website. This template makes great use of white space, where texts can breathe, and there is no large accumulation of elements on the screen. This is always favourable to do reading without any distraction. Of course, it will adapt perfectly to any screen, even high-resolution ones like Retina Displays.


Narratium is perfect for those who want to have a blog focused on reading without losing the visual component. Each entry is presented in a very original way, with a large image on one side, with the title of the publication and other data superimposed. This type of layout helps the text not be so wide, and its reading is easier and friendlier.


With Preface, we are going for those who want to host a space for reading and selling books on their website. Being fully compatible with WooCommerce, we can use all the add-on features and complete online shopping. Or add information and excerpts from our book, along with sales links to external shops, such as Amazon.


We have seen so far personal blog templates, but with Typer, we go further, and we can have a website where several authors can write and share the same environment. This can be used by groups of authors who get together to create a platform or if we want to create a site where guest writers can write. The best choice to build a literary magazine


In novels, we have an ideal theme if we want to promote a book, as it gives us the necessary tools to create banners with links to the points of sale of the work, show excerpts from the book, or offer a biography of the author. Excellent for publishers who want to create campaigns about upcoming launches or new releases. Not forgetting, of course, the space to host a blog.

Richard Gore

If we are looking for showing more of the author’s image, Richard Gore is our template. This theme focuses more on the author and will serve as a portfolio for everything he offers us. In addition, its black and white style, combined with large fonts, makes it look extremely attractive. Not forgetting all those who prefer dark themes, which are always an option, is less tiring to the eye.


If you want options, Pustaka is the one that offers you the most. With seven different landing pages, you can launch your website according to your needs. Whether as a personal blog or as a book sales catalogue, you will be able to host any kind of format with this template. And all of this with a very attractive design, through a grid format layout ideal for displaying the covers of your books.


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