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Benefits of offering live chat in your WooCommerce online shop

Sometimes, your target customers may need more patience to fill out an enquiry form and wait hours (or worse, days) for a response. They exit your sales funnel if they don’t find relevant information on the site to make a purchase decision.

To ensure that doesn’t happen in your WooCommerce shop, you can set up a live chat option and involve the potential customer in the pre-sales phase of the sales funnel. You can use a plugin or a widget to install this functionality in your WooCommerce shop and gain several benefits.

Real-time customer engagement:

With a simple bot-assisted chat, interested customers can receive a real-time response to their queries and move forward in the checkout process. You can set up a pre-chat form for customers to submit their questions and then an AI-enabled chatbot can respond based on pre-determined answers to frequently asked questions.

Easy integration with CRM:

The live chat option can also be used effectively for customer relationship management through seamless integration with your existing CRM software. When returning customers engage through the bot option, the interaction can be tailored based on previous interactions and product requests. Therefore, data-backed insights can delight your customers and deliver a superior shopping experience.

Manage customer enquiries during non-business hours:

Your pre-sales functionality should be designed to capture leads and potential customers, even when your WooCommerce shop is not open. The live chat option lets you capture customer interest and enquiries outside of business hours when there are no sales or CRM executives online. This way, you can serve even prospects looking for potential solutions to their needs during odd hours without stretching your support staff too thin.

Track website traffic and lead quality:

Suppose customers need help finding relevant information on your home page or find the site design unhelpful in their search for information. In that case, they may leave without leaving an enquiry or making a purchase. The live chat option allows you to track incoming website traffic, analysing the quality of interactions and the information sought.

You can track when the customer is using the live chat option and what type of queries are primarily posted for resolution. The design and content of your WooCommerce shop can be modified based on these insights.

The route leads from the bot to the live agent:

You can maintain a robust local tool of live chat pre-sales functionality and route leads with complex queries or advanced purchase intent to live agents. Such routing can save you time detecting suspicions and ensure that valuable leads are secured.


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