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ChatPDF uploads PDF files to integrate with ChatGPT to learn specific data

ChatPDF uploads PDF files to integrate with ChatGPT to learn specific data, allowing ChatGPT to respond to you based on the file’s content.

Today’s ChatPDF is also a ChatGPT-based application. You can upload any PDF file, and he will analyze the PDF and generate an online chat room where you can ask him a question in a dialog box, and he can answer it based on the PDF content.

ChatGPT information was only available in 2021, and there is no internet connection. Therefore, he cannot analyze and answer based on the content of the pages you provide. With ChatPDF, a tool that links to the ChatGPT API, you can upload PDF files, giving ChatGPT the ability to access information and greatly enhancing the use of ChatGPT.

To get unlimited upload size, you can enter your ChatGPT API and upload PDF files of any size. In the free version, only up to 120 pages of PDF are supported. Here is a free hack that allows you to break the 120-page limit by splitting the oversized PDF file with the PDF tool.


Once inside ChatPDF, you can upload PDF files to the site by dragging, dropping, or clicking on them. If your file is twisted online, you can also import it by clicking on the [From URL] link in the bottom right-hand corner and entering the link to the PDF file. It is important to note that PDF files must be at most 120 pages and must be less than 32 MB.

Upload a PDF file or enter a PDF link

Once you have uploaded the PDF, it will redirect you to a chat room window. He will summarise the PDF file and list 3 questions you might want to know. You can ask him about the PDF directly in the input box as you would with ChatGPT.

I converted the page into a PDF file and uploaded it to ChatPDF, so I could start asking her questions. As you can see, he will not only give you the correct answer based on the PDF but also tell you the details of the PDF page where you can get more information.

If you have uploaded a PDF file in another language, the welcome introduction will be displayed following the language of your PDF file. For example, if your PDF file is in English, it will start with an opening in English.

You can still ask him questions in a language you are familiar with, just as you can with ChatGPT, and once you ask him to answer in a specific language, he will respond to you in the language you specify.

So, when you find a professional article on the internet (in this case, downloading the official Google SEO guide), you can convert it to PDF format and then upload it to ChatPDF to learn all kinds of professional knowledge very effectively.

– No registration is required to upload PDF files for free for ChatGPT to learn specific content
– Supports local uploads as well as online PDF file uploads
– Supports ChatGPT API for unlimited uploading of large PDF files


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