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How to watch regionally restricted videos on Youtube

We all know that Youtube is the best place to watch videos. However, sometimes we still don’t see many videos because, sometimes, it says, “Unable to play the video; the uploader is not allowed to play this video in your country.” If you get the same message for a video you want to watch, the YouTube video is restricted by region. There are generally two reasons for this restriction: the user’s region does not have the copyright, or the uploader has not allowed the video to be viewed in all regions.

What can be done to remove the YouTube region restriction and watch the video without problems? This article will show you how to quickly change countries in different regions via VPN and unblock YouTube videos easily by region.

Why does YouTube restrict viewing to specific regions?

According to YouTube, there are two reasons why region-specific videos cannot be viewed.

    – The owner of the video chooses to make the content available only to specific countries/regions (usually due to licensing restrictions)

    – YouTube is actively blocking specific content to comply with local laws

Except for sexually explicit content, which is more likely to be restricted by YouTube, in most cases, the owner of the video does the restriction, and political factors are likely to play a large part.

YouTube video region restrictions

How to check YouTube video region restrictions?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or LIVE stream and been prompted with the message “The uploader has not allowed this video to be played in your country”? You can find out which countries can play the video using the free search tool.

To check which countries are blocked, you can use watannetwork to check.

YouTube video region restrictions

Ways to unblock Youtube areas

The current method of unblocking Youtube is switching your IP to a geographical IP in another country.

There are several ways to switch IPs, but the two most suitable ways to watch Youtube are the Proxy Server and VPN.

A Proxy Server will forward your traffic using the server’s IP to make people think you are a local computer, thus removing the Youtube locale restriction.

However, data handling could be more secure because the traffic is not encrypted this way.

The other way is to use a VPN, similar to a proxy server, but with encrypted traffic and new technology, the data is much more secure, and I recommend it.

What is a VPN?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to browse the Internet from anywhere anonymously and securely.

It was first used to help multinational companies connect offices worldwide, allowing employees from different locations to access the company’s intranet and perform highly privileged tasks. It uses encryption technology to make it easy to encrypt your data and send it to where you want it to go. Even if a hacker steals the data, all he will see is garbled code, and he will not be able to know what you are doing.

With VPN technology, the server converts your IP address to a local IP address, so your real location is hidden, and your privacy is protected. This means that if you use a computer with a VPN connection to a server in Japan, the other party will think you are a Japanese computer.

Everyone uses VPNs for different reasons, such as hackers to ensure their privacy, people on the mainland wanting to surf Facebook and IG, people in other countries wanting to watch European and American movies, and so on.


The world of the Internet is becoming more and more complex, and in this information age, information security and efficiency are becoming increasingly important.

Using a VPN to watch Youtube across the region is one of the fastest, safest, and most convenient for the average user. There are many other uses for a VPN, so I recommend investing in one!


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