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The Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Find the best quiz plugins for wordpress plugin, In some cases, we find certain pages that use unconventional methods to attract visitors to their sites constantly; among the various methods that we can find is that of questionnaires, which are not usual questionnaires contact information; on the contrary, these types of forms are more interactive with the user allowing you to have fun a moment to enter the site, for example, we can see the WordPress forms that ask you to answer these questions, and at the end, we indicate that old movie we should see, or what animal we are.

Many options and settings are available for this interactive WordPress quiz.

Why use a WordPress Quiz plugin

On many occasions, we don’t focus on elements to make the user’s stay on the site more pleasant; we concentrate on how to improve the WordPress SEO audit, how to create WordPress posts, improve the design of some parts of a website, etc. However, being able to interact with the user while they are reading is something they find fun and also helps us to keep people longer inside a page, as they are usually quizzes of more than 5 questions which help to keep them inside, giving more visibility to the elements of our site.

Also, we can decrease the bounce rate by keeping the user’s concentration within our WordPress website; this will help us to improve the SEO ranking because it is a factor that is taken into account to increase the main statistic, as well as offering visitors an educational, relevant or simply fun content for them to help us to give more visibility to our content. The quiz in WordPress is designed in the same way to be shared, so it is transmitted to more people, while our hosting is the one that benefits from the traffic it gets.

On the other hand, we also have the great option of user interaction with our site, all positive factors we can find when entering a site with the necessary tools to increase users’ time.

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Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

We are going to see a series of the best WordPress plugins that are based on the creation of quizzes, both free and some paid options; however, being such a good theme, there is much more variety of free WordPress Quiz plugins that help us to apply this type of improvements for the users of our site. It should be noted that the plugins presented are in no particular order, and we can select the one that seems simplest to us or offers us directly what we need.

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

The quiz and survey plugin have very good ratings and comments, so most of us feel comfortable with using it; it also offers certain features to make good designs of the questionnaires or surveys in WordPress that we make. It has a simple generator with data insertion elements such as comments, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

This plugin is quite useful when entering quizzes; several settings are needed to maintain order in the quiz. It is possible to add a timer if we need the answers to be faster, and it is possible to insert media in it from the WordPress media library; we also have the premium plan that allows you to select predefined styles that further enhance what would be the aesthetics of this quiz.

Also, it is not limited to a single module; if we need to add any content, for example, an image or an explanatory video is possible to do so, which with other plugins is not possible. Also, if the timer is active, the user will always see it if you leave your browser is still busy.

The emails with the results are sent once the questionnaires or surveys are done correctly; also, as we have mentioned previously is a plugin with a payment option, but this is not a limitation to creating aesthetic quizzes and adapting to our site according to our tastes, also has some interesting features such as the need for the user to log in to our site to use it, thus forcing to have the same data and form a database in WordPress, since it is used with a system of WordPress shortcodes, this can be added wherever we need it without any problem.

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Quiz Cat Plugin

The Quiz Cat plugin has quizzes quite similar to other pages that we are used to seeing, this is a little more flexible, and we can add certain elements to it, which helps us to improve the appearance. It also considers the unlimited number of questions we can add and custom quiz completion messages and places these answers randomly; it is a good plugin for creating dynamic and fun quizzes.

As with most plugins available on the market, the basic option is free; however, we have paid options to create a different type of quiz with other options different from the normal one found in the free version. The user interface is quite simple to understand; it also has a system in which, in the end, the maximum score is indicated with a description; it can be used as a method of selection of a character to show or as we can think of using it. It is possible to use them with any language plugin for WordPress; this comes in handy if our website needs to be oriented to the main language of this plugin.

It also has some premium features that can be useful for integrating other platforms, such as Facebook pixels or email marketing.

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Wp Quiz Plugin

This plugin has a free version and a paid version, as we have been seeing this is something normal in this kind of quiz plugin, equally this plugin is also very useful, as it helps us in a generalized way to build the quiz, and not only this, but we can use this plugin in an unlimited number of sites so that our experience and data is taken from these several.

As we have previously mentioned, the possibility of inserting a quiz in an unlimited way is one of the great advantages of this plugin, as well as some effects that can be used from it, in this case, the flip box, which allows users to have fresh animations for the quizzes making them more striking to solve or answer them. It also has tools to customize effects, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more tools that can be used to improve or draw more attention from users who see the site.

Plugin Ari Stream Quiz

The Ari Stream packs have many benefits considering that this is a free plugin with a very intuitive builder. It also can add a form to WordPress that integrates with some WordPress CRMs such as Mailchimp and AWeber, among others. Not only this, but it is also possible to create personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, and more.

This plugin has some advantages over others that we have seen previously. The best example of this is that it is possible to use corporate mailings or email marketing directly in the free version as well as add buttons to share on social networks as if it were a WordPress social networking plugin, not to mention that the plugin support is available even if we have the free version of it the paid version of this only modifies the functions of sharing and some tools to share on social networks. Hence, it is complete in the free version, and paying for an extension is unnecessary.

Quiz Builder Plugin with Email Capture by Riddle

This plugin offers us a great option about others; this currently has a generation of questions according to an AI; this means that if, for example, our theme for the quiz is movies or cinema, this will generate some questions and their respective answers and configure all of the bases, this is very useful to have a base already created and then edit on this same.

Without counting, the editing process of the same that turns out to be quite simple, only that this is done directly on the website of the plugin instead of doing it directly in our WordPress; it is possible to connect it with external services such as Mailchimp WordPress, Zapier, even other CRM that they estimate in their documentation.

In addition, it has some tools for image editing, with something as simple as quick image cropping.

 Plugin Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow, and Form Builder

This plugin is quite varied; it offers surveys, questionnaires, presentations, and forms in all kinds of animated and fun settings; however, you can also do something more professional with the tools we have in this plugin. Also, remember that it is possible to customize fonts, Google fonts WordPress, backgrounds, colors, and other elements to suit our site identity.

The settings we can make in this plugin include adding attractive buttons on social networks to share our surveys or quizzes; we can also create ads to generate income directly with these questionnaires or quizzes we will be creating as we need them. However, unlike others, this plugin is free, and the only thing that is paid for are additional options within the plugin configuration panel itself.

In this case, the only negative of this would be that you have to make all the settings directly on a page outside our WordPress; however, if this is not an impediment, this plugin is a good option to add to our site these quizzes for WordPress that we are looking for.

 Plugin Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

If we have an active license of the Gravity Forms plugin, we can enter this type of quiz directly with the default add-on developed by the same developers of Gravity Forms. Make sure that this is fully compatible with our site, as we only need to be compatible with the general plugin for the add-on to work correctly.

This add-on, like the base plugin on which it depends, has personalized support from the development team, so if we have any problems with it, we only have to go to the same support; it allows us to choose the correct and incorrect answers to the questions we ask, as well as explanations and the ability to change the visual settings, styles, and texts to improve the visibility of the same on our website.

 Plugin WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

In this list, we also have some paid plugins, as is the case of the previous one that is an add-on of Gravity Forms falls into this category, directly we have here a plugin that is not in the general repository of WordPress but on the contrary, can only be acquired by purchasing it. The questionnaires created with this plugin have the same look and feel as those created on the BuzzFeed website for their posts.

This plugin is a tool that, in terms of customization, gives us little to think about. We will have all the settings for editing style and insertion of images and videos, just as it would be done to insert youtube videos in WordPress. An additional of this plugin is that it incorporates an option to capture emails, to create thus a list that works for us to make corporate mailings or email marketing, and possibility to share these results by social networks.

It has an analysis tool to see how many people have seen the quiz and how many have answered it.


When selecting a plugin to add to our WordPress quiz function, we realize that the choice is increasingly difficult since we have many interesting plugins that can help us, in one way or another, to do what we need in our installations. Not only do we have very good options, but nowadays, any option is valid; it only depends on how easy one plugin is to use over another. The use we give to it will also depend on what we need for the moment but always see that it meets the needs of the web.


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