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WPforms: Best WordPress Forms Plugin

WPforms Best WordPress Forms Plugin. When you see a lot of WordPress sites with really cool forms, and your own site’s forms are bland, it’s not that you don’t want to create just as gorgeous forms; it’s just that you need to find the right tool for the job.

Currently, there are a lot of WordPress form plugins on the market, ranging from free and simple options such as Form Maker to more advanced offerings, Ninja, Gravity Forms and WPforms.

Our main recommendation today is the WPforms forms plugin. It allows you to create very attractive forms, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Let’s take a look at what the WPForms Contact Forms plugin has to offer and find out if it’s worth your while.

WPforms Best WordPress Forms Plugin
WPforms Best WordPress Forms Plugin

WPforms Best WordPress Forms Plugin

WPForms has been in the WordPress marketplace for quite some time now, and it is by far the 5 million + downloaded form plugin.


WP Forms is a drag-and-drop form builder that is beginner-friendly, allows you to create multiple creative forms in minutes, and is lightweight, fast and compatible with other plugins.

Whether it’s a contact form, subscription form, payment or registration form, WPForms can help you create it in minutes.

WPForms has a free version (called WPForms Lite) and a premium version (WPForms Pro)

The free version already has dozens of pre-built form templates to help you easily put it anywhere on your website.

Also, you have the option to upgrade to a paid plan for even more features.

We’ll dive into the features of each version and help you decide which one you should choose. As well as determine if WPForms is the right choice for your website.

Wpforms Free Version Features

Considering the wide range of industry categories, the Wpforms plugin caters to the needs of several industries. Some of the frequently used form options are:

  • Contact form (free version available)
  • Subscription form (free version available)
  • Suggestion form (free version available)
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Surveys and poll forms
  • Donation forms
  • Billing and order forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Get a Quote Form

While some of these templates are available in the free basic package, if you want more templates and a range of add-ons, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

In any case, you can also explore and create forms manually on your own before considering whether you need to use the paid version.

Creating Contact Forms with WPForms 

While Contact Form 7 provides a basic contact form template, if you want to modify the form in any way, it will require some knowledge of programming and coding and can be confusing for non-technical people. (It’s also easy to use if you’re willing to spend some time researching and watching more tutorials)

The screenshot above shows the form builder interface of Contact Form 7. Adding a new form field requires you to click the appropriate button, not drag and drop, and then you have to add field labels and so on.

So let’s go back to WPforms; when you select a template, you are taken to the form builder screen

When you want to add a new module to your form, you drag it over. Similarly, you can rearrange the order of the fields in your form by dragging them.

In WPForms, the contact form template includes name, email and message fields, as well as a submit button. This should be sufficient for most users.

Then, to edit a specific module, click on it to open the module options (Field options).

Here, you can tweak each module to suit your needs, for example.

  • Label and Description
  • Whether they are mandatory or not
  • Field size
  • Placeholder text display
  • Default values
  • Custom CSS Classes

“General” (General) Tab Settings

You can turn the anti-spam feature on/off. It catches most of the autofill bots. Therefore, it is a better option than traditional CAPTCHA (WPForms also supports reCAPTCHA).

“Notifications” Tab Settings

You can set the type of email notification that is received when a user submits a form.

The nice thing here is that you can choose whether to include all fields or just specific omitted fields. There’s also the fact that you can change the recipients through the form settings as well. (e.g. Send to Sales Executive, Administrator, etc.)

“Confirmation Tab Settings

  • Not only can you set the text to be displayed, such as “Thank you for contacting us, we will reply as soon as possible”, but you can also set a page to be displayed.
  • You can also display a page.
  • Or take the user to a specific link.

Form Completion and Submission

When you are done with your form, click on the Save button and then click on “</> Embed” to get a shortcode; then, you need to insert the shortcode into the article or page you want to put it on. Below is the demo image:

That pretty much covers all the ways to use the free version, and in general, Wpforms has a more intuitive interface because they drag and drop modules.


If you want to add a basic contact form, then the above steps will be fine using the free WPForms Lite plugin. However, if you need to make any characteristic changes to the form, you’ll need WPForms Premium to help you achieve the results you desire.

WPforms Premium Edition Features

As your business continues to expand, you may need more advanced features to create forms that really meet your needs, and that’s when you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version of WPForms.

There are four editions of WPForms Paid Edition. Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite, with Basic being the cheapest and Elite being the most expensive.

As you can see here, each package varies in how many websites it can support and the features it gets. The more you pay, the more advanced features you get.

Additional form templates

5 new basic templates have been added to the paid version:

The Pro and Elite versions further offer an additional 100 form templates and features (including PayPal and stripe features) for a wide range of projects that can help you save a lot of time when creating your forms.

Additional form features

Examples include select lists, auto-calculate totals, payments, file uploads, and date and time selectors. There is now also a signature field that allows users to sign forms using a touch screen or mouse cursor.

Smart Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is another feature found in all paid versions of WPForms. By using conditional logic, you can control the visibility of fields based on certain conditions. Multiple rules can be applied to a field, allowing you to create complex forms that enable you to get specific information from your visitors.

For example, if you’re an investment advisor website, you might require a client to fill out a personal information form. You can condition what information the user can see based on the amount of money the client fills out for investment purposes.

Or, if you are an e-commerce platform, you can display information about special offers when the user selects a specific product.

Form Enquiry Management

Unlike the free version of the plugin, the premium version of WPForms allows you to view form entries in your WordPress dashboard.

Since emails can be deleted or go to the spam folder, there is a centralised location where you can view all your form entries.

You can also filter form entries by date range, and you can export entries in CSV format for use in spreadsheet applications like Excel and Google Sheets.

CAPTCHA field settings

As well as Google’s reCAPTCHA service, you can also create custom CAPTCHA questions.

Form Abandonment Settings

The Pro and Elite versions of WPForms now have access to the Form Abandonment feature, which allows you to automatically save a portion of a form entry if the user leaves the page in the middle of submitting the form.

By using the Form Abandonment feature, you will have the ability to follow up with users who still need to complete their form entries, provided they entered their contact information before leaving.

Other features available in the Pro and Elite editions include:

  • The ability to create offline forms, saving the form data in the user’s browser until they come back online.
  • The ability to create polls and surveys as needed.
  • The ability to accept user-submitted posts via front-end forms.
  • The ability to use form locking to limit form availability between dates.


If you want to add a standard contact form to your WordPress website, then the free version of the WPForms plugin is highly recommended. Not only does this plugin make adding a contact form incredibly easy, but the intuitive drag-and-drop builder allows you to add additional fields directly to your form and rearrange how they are displayed.

If you need access to more nifty features like date and time, file uploads, and address fields, then the paid Basic Edition is a relatively inexpensive way to get most of WPForms’ advanced features.

When it comes to unlocking features such as email marketing service integration, PayPal and Stripe support, form abandonment, and others, you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus, Pro, or Elite editions.


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